Raise Your Hafiz
Derived from my own personal journey as a mum motivating my own children into memorising the Qur’aan

Raise your Hafiz is derived from my own personal journey as a mother motivating my own children into memorising the Qur’aan.

I searched everywhere to find something to help my children on this journey however there was no success. It was then when I invested my time into putting together these hifz boxes in order to help all families on this beautiful journey of not just memorising the Qur’aan but advocating more for parents to also understand and engage with their children.

My main aim was to help parents and children builder a stronger relationship between themselves through building a relationship with the Qur’aan. I pray these hifz boxes will benefit you all and may I kindly ask from you to remember me and my family in you du’aas ameen.

What is included in the box?

• Hifz Tracker, Hifz Routine, Virtues of memorising the Qur’aan, Magnetic Memorisation reward chart, 3 bookmarkers (New sabak, Sabak Para, Dhor)

• Whiteboard marker
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What Does The Packaging Include

Hifz Tracker | Hifz Routine

Keep track of your sabak and your Hifz routine maintained

Magnetic Memorisation Reward Chart

Memorisation of Qur'aan made easy, reward yourself as you Hifz along.

Bookmarkers, White Board Marker

Bookmark your sabaks as you go along and log your Hifz

Our Goal
Raise Your Hafiz

Our Goal:

Raiseyourhafiz wants to motivate and inspire many families into enjoying their journey toward memorising the Qur’aan. Our aim is to give you the best-starting foundation towards this rewarding journey and help you become the best huffadh. May Allah S.W.T bless us all with the love of the Holy Qur’aan ameen.

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