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Guidance is only given by Allah S.W.T and this guidance can only be found with a connection to the Qur’aan. This is what Raise your Hafiz offers a guide into memorising and enjoying the Qur’aan in our lives. We all seek for light in our lives however this light can only be found when you truly have a connection to the holy book, we at Raise Your Hafiz want to be part of your special journey into finding this eternal light and motivating you to the finishing line.

What Does The Packaging Include

Hifz Tracker | Hifz Routine

Keep track of your sabak and maintain your Hifz routine. Understand the virtues of memorising the Qur'aan

Bookmarkers, & Whiteboard Marker

Use bookmarks to log your 3 sabaks

Magnetic Memorisation Reward Chart

Memorisation of Quran made easy for your children. Reward yourself along this journey

Raise Your Hafiz

We are a small family business promoting an Islamic way of life for our future generations to follow. Our main aim is to instill the passion of Islam into our younger generations and inspire them to live a life that will bring goodness all around the world. Especially in these difficult times when we are flooded by hardships, our only way out is to keep hold of Allah’s word by preserving the Qur’aan in our hearts.

We at Raise your Hafiz want to see every member who purchases our boxes to love and cherish each and every memory they spend on this journey and build a strong connection with the Qur’aan.

Our company works closely with many Muslim families who are struggling on this journey and require guidance and motivation on how to move further. We help parents build a connection with their children by building a strong connection with Allah’s word.

Most importantly we want to encourage all our ummah to collectively get together and enjoy this journey into memorising the Qur’aan.

Raise your Hafiz not only helps with memorising the Qur’aan but advocates for an Islamic way of life by promoting the teachings of our Prophet S.A.W and encouraging everyone to live by the teachings of the Qur’aan and Sunnah.

The perfect gift for your children

What Our Customers Say

Thankyou RaiseYourHafiz for sending these beautiful Hifz Boxes… We absolutely loved how all the items within the box have been presented. Hifz tracker allows my younger siblings to keep track of their Sabak on a daily basis. I really liked ur service… My siblings are loving it - May Allah SWT bless u all..
Zara Ahmed
I must say the wait was absolutely worth it. The unboxing of the box was really pleasing both my children loved it. Quality and design are the best I have ever seen Thank you so much I am in Awe.
Alisha Hussain
I gifted it to my son. Loved it! Rather than using their markers on other random books, now they can play around and learn about Islam with these beautiful gifts. 😊 Thank You.
Imran Ali

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